Things you hate about iPhone

Review of iPhone Users – What Is One Thing You Don’t Like about iPhones?

Things you hate about iPhone is a review to improve. There are many Phone users in the world, and not many of them use the same phone product such as the likes of iPhone, Samsung, Redmi, and Nokia etc.

People use different phones like iPhone, Samsung, Redmi, and Nokia. Some folks don’t like iPhones for a few reasons.

People have their reasons why they don’t enjoy some type of phones, in this article we are dedicating it to iPhone users. We are going to be looking at some of the reasons phone users dislike iPhones.

This information is not meant to scare iPhone users; it’s intended to help them understand their choices better. By knowing potential concerns, users can make informed decisions, and this feedback can also help Apple improve its products. The goal is transparency and improvement.

We’re presenting reviews from iPhone users about why they don’t like iPhones. This feedback is based on real experiences, offering insights for users and potential areas for improvement for Apple.

Things you hate about iPhone
Things you hate about iPhone

What are some things you dislike about your iPhone?

1. Battery life is mediocre
2. Too expensive
3. I hate the UI/IOS
4. Apps aren’t as good as Android counterpart
5. The U.S products hype
6. Stupid fans
7. Too close-sourced
8. On an Iphone you are more like a user than an Administrator
9. Associated with Fraudsters.
10. Little research and development unlike Android-running Counterparts
11. Illiterates(tech and normal) love it too much
12. I don’t just flow with it

by TheFilmtric’s (That’s 12 for Iphone12) on Nairaland

Why do some people hate iPhones so much?

1. Taking more care of the phone : It is so expensive that after buying it I take more care of it than myself. Yes, put an expensive screen guard, back cover, then keep it safe while sleeping, then don’t use it while sleeping as you might doze off and it might fall on ground and get damaged.

Don’t use the home button more often as the home button is known to die after using for 2-3 years. Some people use accessibility feature to avoid stressing the home button more. Now, I use an inexpensive phone and I don’t care much about it and use it as I like.

2. Less Storage: Base model comes at 16 GB and then directly 64 GB. No 32 GB, Apple – rather all companies- should stop selling 16 GB models and keep 32 GB as their base line.

3. Addiction: iOS is so addictive, I used to lock unlock phone on regular intervals for no reason. install Apps, update apps, etc just using it for no particular reason apart from addiction.

4. People Flaunting/Judging: People clicking pictures with iPhone in it because they have iPhone, the primary subject is iPhone and not the person. Also, people think you are rich if you own an iPhone, and poor if you own a cheap Phone.

Many people own an iPhone but they are not rich, and many people own cheap phones but they are rich. I have seen people treated differently in hotels/stores/malls if they have an iPhone.

by Siddharth Pathak on Quora

What are Some Reasons Why You Might Not Want to Get iPhone?

More directed towards iOS.

  • The keyboard autocorrect is not good compared to google keyboard on android.
  • I also dislike the sharing system as not all apps are available to share with like on android.
  • No intents system sucks because there’s a lot of Apple apps I rather not use as the default.
  • No ability to clear the cache as it builds up over time unless you reinstall the app.

by hotshotz_3000 on Reddit

What are the things that you hate in an iPhone?

iPhone 6S user:

  • My phone keeps dying between 5-20%. I’ve recalibrated the battery several times to no avail. It’s russian roulette regarding whether my phone will randomly die or not.
  • Touch ID sometimes takes really long to register. Phone is not frozen, fingerprints and phone are totally dry.
  • Sometime the camera decides not to focus in good lighting scenarios.
  • 3D Touch is hit or miss. Wtf?


What is one thing you don’t like about iPhones? What’s your perspective on iPhones? Is it common for people not to like them, or are they expressing genuine opinions in their reviews of iPhone products?

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